Workin on my Fitness

Okay so I've been doing this since end of January. So far I've lost about seventeen pounds. I say "about" because a few of those pounds keep trying to creep back. Stubborn little buggers, aren't they? I'm thinking I need something to energize my workouts. My playlist is fluid. I add music and take away… Continue reading Workin on my Fitness

Seller of Dreams – Chapter 18

After breakfast, I want to ask Sarani to come chat with me. She would be the best option for some of my more embarrassing questions. Somehow, I don’t think Connor will have the answers I’m seeking. He gives me a look that I’m becoming familiar with. “Sarani, why don’t you and Thomas come back to… Continue reading Seller of Dreams – Chapter 18

Seller of Dreams – Chapter 17

After we dress, we leave our room to head to the common areas again. The captain had announced a breakfast banquet for any who wished to partake. I saw it as another opportunity to experience what will become my life on Belaxia. As we walk, I’m not surprised to see Brianna and Oliver walking ahead… Continue reading Seller of Dreams – Chapter 17

Join Me on my Adventure!

Calling a weight loss plan am "adventure" makes it better, right? I have decided to make huge lifestyle changes. My quest? To lose at least fifty pounds. I'm following the South Beach diet plan and exercising three days a week. I figure telling people about this will help me stay focused and be held accountable,… Continue reading Join Me on my Adventure!

Seller of Dreams – Chapter 16

After drinking my coffee like beverage, I stand in front of the closet, examining my choices. All the garments hanging there are in the loose flowy style that I’m realizing is the main trend of Belaxia’s fashion. I pull out a blue dress, smiling as I look at it. The blue is almost like Connor’s… Continue reading Seller of Dreams – Chapter 16