Seller of Dreams – Chapter 16

After drinking my coffee like beverage, I stand in front of the closet, examining my choices. All the garments hanging there are in the loose flowy style that I’m realizing is the main trend of Belaxia’s fashion. I pull out a blue dress, smiling as I look at it. The blue is almost like Connor’s… Continue reading Seller of Dreams – Chapter 16


Seller of Dreams – Chapter 15

In the haze of waking, I think that the sunlight is rather dim. As I’m wondering if it’s still early, my eyes open, and I realize it’s the soft light that emanates from the walls. It seems to pulse and brighten slowly. The mechanics of it must help with sleep rhythms. There’s so many new… Continue reading Seller of Dreams – Chapter 15

Seller of Dreams – Chapter 14

Chills wrack my body as I take this in. Connor leaves my side, hitting a communicator and calling for the captain. When he turns toward me, the swirling emotions in his eyes match what surges through me. Our link is strong, but feeling his own fears is making mine worse. Warm tears begin streaking down… Continue reading Seller of Dreams – Chapter 14


A sneak peek into my novel concerning Queen Anne Boleyn May, 1536  The spring night air was chilly still. A soft breeze made the few candles lighting the room flicker, casting weird shadows around the kneeling woman and her attendants. She who once had been the most powerful woman in the kingdom shuddered slightly against… Continue reading Prologue 

Seller of Dreams – Chapter 13

Connor lays me on the soft bed. “Now, there’s clothing in that closet there. You can find something comfortable to sleep in.” He pauses, then gives me a weak smile. “I’ll be out in the common room. You can come get me if you need me.”   “Wait, wait Connor,” I whisper. The idea of… Continue reading Seller of Dreams – Chapter 13